Sean Hreha

Sean Hreha

Designer & Developer
Breezy Ltd. Founder


As a designer that understands the best practices of front end application and web development, I create and I build.

I have over fifteen years of experience in graphic design and web development. Over the years I have provided my services to hundreds of companies ranging from from small to large and in many industries.

I have worked with and alongside many other designers as well as artists, software engineers, web developers, publishers and marketing professionals.


As a philosophy, I take a solution based approach to design. My experience working with design and development gives me a unique understanding, allowing me to fill the gap between the two.


I am an artist at heart, and my works involve a variety of subjects, styles and media including painting, illustration, printing, photography and others.

My art education focused on graphic design, but my tastes and talents come from a life of artistic experience and expression.

Mountain Biking

I love mountain biking and it's the reason why I moved to Colorado. Some of my clients in the industry include:

Check out my riding log hosted by Strava.